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Stephanie Ugboaja (She/Her)

Front-end Engineer

About Me

Prolific front-end developer and open source enthusiast with good coding practices and experience in remote work. Reduced 25% of errors that went unnoticed in the initial phase of development through methodical assessments of code. Consistently received high user experience scores for all web development projects and drove best practices implementation across my team which boosted user experiences score by 50%. Built an average of 10 new websites and product features. A result-oriented individual with a strong technical background passionate about building world-class web applications and helping in the growth of my company. Proficient in several languages such as React, Redux, Node, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and much more also capable of learning new skills quickly and efficiently.

I'm looking for
Good company culture, opportunities for growth, good work-life balance, a clear and developed organizational structure e.t.c.