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Sianoi Kimari (She/Her)

Data Analytics Intern
Remote, Miami, FL, West Palm Beach, FL

About Me

I'm new to the world of data but I've always had an affinity and curiosity for facts and figures (factual data/stats), research and human behavior. As we know, businesses thrive in understanding their customer so once I discovered Data Science I immediately fell in love with it. My background in Psychology fulfills my need to study and understand human behavior but it didn't quite fulfill my curiosity on its own. Data Science adds the final touch as one could predict behavior - getting us closer to omniscience.

I'm looking for
A culture that values individualization and connectedness. A role that has a lot of room and the resources to grow, and can allow me to apply my strengths in analytical thinking, consistency and sense of responsibility to my tasks. A role that would allow me to work on my own for the most part but still have access to help and regular feedback.

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