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Sia Karamalegos (She/Her)

Web Developer/Developer Advocate
Remote or Durham, NC

About Me

Hi, I'm a web developer, performance engineer, and a co-organizer for the Eleventy Meetup and GDG New Orleans. I'm also a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, a Cloudinary Media Developer Expert, and a Stripe Community Expert. I have extensive writing, speaking, and teaching experience as well. I'm full-stack but prefer the front end and love all things Jamstack and web performance! JavaScript, Node, React, HTML, CSS, Ruby/Rails, Elixir/Phoenix, SQL

I'm looking for
I'd love to balance both web development/engineering with content creation and interacting with others. I'm happiest and most productive when I do not work a typical full-time 40-hour workweek. I'm looking for 20-30 hour workweek opportunities, and I'm open to lower hours and contract work for longer-term projects. The ideal role would have collaborative input from the team but allow me some space to come up with strategies and solutions. I also have an MBA from Harvard Business School. I do web development because I enjoy it, but I'm open to opportunities that bridge strategy, marketing, etc. a bit more.