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Shannon Callahan (He/Him/His)

Frontend Developer
Denver/Boulder, CO/Remote

About Me

I am actively looking for new opportunities within the web development industry. My journey into the web development field has been a really enriching experience and continue to do so. I want to mention that I have several projects that already using various programming. For example, I did use React/RESTful/JWT for my app that helps breakdown writer's blocks, Node.js/RESTful/JWT for a forum for new parents, API/jQuery/RESTful for Cannabis Directory, and Javascript for my small but fun manga knowledge quiz. Of course, all of them have HTML and CSS. Who would do without those two!?! As you can see, none of my projects are simply a normal idea at all. I am trying to create something interesting and unique because it required to be innovative and open-mind to challenges. I am motivating to find an entry-level Frontend Developer with a long term goal to become a Full Stack Developer.

I'm looking for
A competence Full-Stack Developer and Leading Developer for Deaf accessibility field.