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Shani Cunningham (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
Atlanta or Remote

About Me

Originally from Roxbury ( a small urban neighborhood in Boston) but currently residing just outside of Atlanta, I am a junior software developer with a strong interest in creating innovative programs. Out of high school, I went into a Psychology program and graduated Cum Laude with an Associate of Arts. I was introduced to software development while taking Introduction to Programming, a general required course for a baccalaureate program, and was instantly intrigued. My new interest became a hobby as I drowned myself in Linkedin Learning videos/Codecademy videos and then I realized this is something I could proudly do everyday as a professional. I took a chance by applying to Per Scholas' full time immersive software engineer course in the beginning of 2020 and I have loved the experience. I have had the opportunity to not only improve what I have learned on my own but I've been introduced to new concepts that I cannot wait to utilize professionally!

I'm looking for
The most ideal role to me would be in a mid-sized organization. I am looking for a culture of community as well as growth that promotes from within. Work/life balance and good health benefits are very important to me as well. The cherry on top would be a position that teaches me things and allows for structure but also encourage my creativity.