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Sarit Neter (She/Her)

Leadership position, technology, data analysis, R&D
Remote, NYC NY, Boston Area MA, Loas Angeles CA, Irvine CA

About Me

I am a savvy technologist, co-founder of start-ups, leader and manager of Research & Development cross-functional teams and a data analyst. I am a developer as well, with extensive experience and skills in product building from the data gathering and research phases to production including medical devices, digital imaging, web applications and cloud service, Internet-of-Thongs. Some examples include: • I enabled sales of medical ultrasound imaging system via the process of: gathering data from clinicians, engineers and system reverse engineering; analyzing key issues; extracting the causes from the data; providing recommendation and ultimately building and leading a cross functional team that brought the system to the desired (saleable) quality level. • I improved silicon imaging sensor via the process of: modeling the signal chain and noise sources; gathering image data and analyzing noise, defects and artifacts; developing correcting and enhancing image processing steps; and providing sensor architecture modification recommendations. • I converted potential customer of GPS tracking devices into buyers via the process of: discussing problems with stakeholders; creating cloud services for gathering real-time data from devices; cleaning data; analyzing to identify trends and correlations; presenting results and discussing causes and solutions. I have science degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science as well as certification in Google Data Analytics with passion for learning, critical thinking and solving mysteries. I am eager to learn and venture into new areas. I believe my prior experience and skills are applicable and transferable to diverse topics. I collaborate well with multi-discipline teams with varied backgrounds. I passionately care for diversity, equality and inclusion and the implementation of these values in various areas. I volunteered as educator for underprivileged women and children as well as a health advocate for chronic disease communities. I believe that in addition to my transferable skills and professional experience, I can leverage my life experience.

I'm looking for
I am looking for a leadership role combining technology and humanity in a diverse and inclusive environment with cross-functional collaborative teams. I would like to combine my critical and logical thinking and understanding of data and technology with the human aspects.
Enabling access to better services such as health, good education, finances literacy and assisting underprivileged communities in various areas while keeping our planet health in mind.