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Samantha Sara Badeau (She/her/they/them)

Software Engineer
New York, Remote

About Me

Entry-level Computer Systems Engineer with 6 years of programming experience from educational pursuit and 3 months of professional experience of programming. I am seeking to learn new technologies and refine my coding practices, increasing my knowledge as a Computer Engineer.

I'm looking for
I aspire to look for a company that will challenge me not only as an Engineer, but as a person as well. I wish to have a role that can mentor me and guide me through the process of refining my code, offering solutions and ideas to help the company, introduce software and design to society to improve quality of life, and more. I wish to be in an environment that has a team that works together and is always warming and welcoming to being asked questions and putting brains together to come to a solution to a problem. My dream company is one that knows that despite lack of experience, there is potential to be nurtured. I especially would love to have my role give me space to be creative in projects, taking a leap of faith by tinkering with new technologies that are rooms of opportunities to learn.

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