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Saia Fonua

Software Engineer

About Me

A large chunck of the past 15-years has been working directly with people to resolve problems in a variety of industries. The past 5 years, it's been in the tech industry. I began as an IT specialist and then through education and continous learning I became a software engineer. I love learning whether it's from my peers, online resources, and most importantly just building things myself. I am able learn and be proficient in a technology quickly. For example, in my current position, most of the apps are built using React with NextJS. I got familiar with NextJS by building a blog project with Next specific apis. With the projects I oversee now, I often turn to their docs and dive into source code to find and eliminate bugs. Sometimes I'll turn and collaborate with others. After about 3 months in my current role, I felt comfortable implementing features and knocking out bugs within our 2 week sprint cycles. As a result, product owners, managers, and stakeholders began to trust me that I could help them accomplish their goals and vision with our products.

I'm looking for
I want to continue to push my limits as a Software Engineer by showcasing my current skills and talents I have, but growing that as well. I would love to work with smarter people than me and solve challenging projects.