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Roz Novik

UX Designer, Digital Designer, UX Researcher, Web Content Manager
Onsite, Hybrid & Remote. I live 30 miles east of Seattle, WA USA

About Me

Older UX designers are vital for UX teams and product development success, and I’m excited to bring my 25+ years’ experience in web design, UX design, web content management and marketing to innovative teams. I am creative and innovative, curious, resourceful, humorous, compassionate, energetic, logical, and adaptable, with a BA in Digital Design. I am committed to the web usability, accessibility, and inclusivity. I am fascinated by the endless opportunities that the internet and modern technology offer us. The diversity of a UX team is crucial for creating a product that is suitable, equitable, and appealing for all users. However, less than one percent, actually about zero, of new hires in UX design teams are designers from my generation. Diversify your team, enhance your product, and reach more customers and users. I look forward to meeting your team!

I'm looking for
The company or organization where I can use and enhance my skills, knowledge, creativity, leadership skills, and openness to new technologies for the benefit of our team, users and customers, and me as a member of the tech community.