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Rodney Matambo

Software Engineer

About Me

I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer who is passionate about solving problems. I have multiple years of experience programming using languages like JavaScript, GoLang, Ruby SQL, HTML, CSS. I recently co-created Jolt a lightweight open-source framework for deploying JAMstack applications(static sites) with serverless functions(custom backend api for static sites). I have also used AWS extensively

I'm looking for
Ideally, I would like to use my knowledge of AWS( SDK, IAM, EC2, EBS, Lambda, Cloudwatch, Cloudtrail, LightSail, S3, CloudFront, DynamoDB, API, Gateway, VPC, EFS) to build intricate systems. I would also love to explore the JAMstack space to the best i can: Static site generators, CMS', CI/CD pipelines, build servers, and using CDN's to cache content. Since I am full stack, I would be happy with projects that allow me to continue using my React/Redux skills as well. While that is broad, the message that I hope is conveyed is that I would love to work for a job that focuses on using the right tool for the Job and allowing the developer to grow as the types of projects the company takes grows as well.