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Rocio Meza (She/Her)

Strategy & BizOps or Data Scientist

About Me

Hello! Excited to find a join a diverse, data-driven team in the startup world. I have 4 years of experience combined in tech, consulting, e-commerce, and business insights. My skills include project management, SQL, R, Alteryx, Tableau and open to learning more! I love being able to work on all types of projects and helping translate complex data challenges into tangible solutions/recommendations. Outside of work, I'm a Get Cities Fellow (funded by Pivotal Ventures + Melinda Gates) working towards creating a more equitable space for women, non-binary, and trans folks in tech.

I'm looking for
I would love to work at VC backed startup - especially given my interest in vc space. My dream role would allow me to think more strategically, while still allowing me to utilize my analytical skills. Also, working at a company with strong and transparent DEI initiatives is key.

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