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Reynerio Sarmiento (He/him)

Web Developer
Boston, MA

About Me

My name is Reynerio Sarmiento and I am a recent Computer Science graduate from Umass Boston. I am extremely interested in any web development position or software development position. I love working in teams, can adapt quickly to new environments, and love learning new technologies. As of right now I am learning React.js, because I want to learn a modern framework, that makes it easier to create a web application. My goal for the future is to become a Full Stack Engineer where I can handle both sides of an application with confidence.

I'm looking for
I don't have a dream company but a place where I can grow and prosper as a software engineer. I want to be able to be exposed to different parts of a team, to work on multiple things. Working with the web development team, Dev-Ops Team, mobile application team, etc so I can expose myself to different things, to discover my true passion. As of right now, the role I am searching for is web development, preferably a front-end position.