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I’m a designer and illustrator currently leading the design of instructional content at BOA. My experience ranges from developing illustrative content strategies to designing usable interactive instructional experiences in physical and digital spaces.

I'm looking for
I firmly believe that where we put our time and energy matters, including when it comes to a job. Showing up to work is also showing up to our community and to the world at large. I'd like showing up to look a little like giving back, contributing to something larger than myself and working towards initiatives that bring more good into our world. Social impact is at the top of my mind lately and I am actively seeking roles that align accordingly.
As far as particulars go, I am a multi-disciplinary designer who is accustomed to wearing many hats. I've been the lead illustrator driving content strategies for companies and have led the experience and interaction design for both digital and physical products. My ideal role leans more heavily towards UI/UX design, has plenty of room to learn and grow and presents interesting design challenges on a regular basis.