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Pratishtha Singh (She/Her/Hers)

Product Owner
Remote, New York City, San Francisco, Nashville, Hyderabad, Delhi, open to relocating elsewhere...

About Me

I am looking to continue building my career in Product Development as a Product Owner or Product Manager. Although my academic background is anchored in Civil Engineering and Journalism, I began working for myself while I was in college, which led me into Product Consulting. I later founded two startups of my own and have since worked as a Technical Writer, Business Analyst, and Product Owner for government and corporate accounts, as well as a startup. I was laid off most recently from the startup but left on great terms with a strong recommendation from my boss there. While it's great that I am independently motivated and can work well alone, I am also an excellent team player! This can be evidenced whether I'm playing a game of pickup basketball (pre-pandemic) or participating in a team brainstorming session for work.

I'm looking for
I am looking for a respectful leader and respectful teammates. I want to work in a tech environment where I am not privately harassed by my manager and have to hold it all in. I want to be hired based on my merit while bringing diversity to the table - not as a performative gesture. I never want to stop learning about how products come to life. And I want to be on a team that makes technology more accessible. I am passionate about breaking down barriers to entry and curious about the impact that can have on suffering.