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Paul Madojutimi (He/Him)

Software project manager / Support engineer
Worldwide remote

About Me

I am a very motivated and driven individual looking for software project management and support engineer opportunities in the consumer electronics and privacy sector. I am open to worldwide remote roles or relocation to California, Texas, continental Europe and more. I have 6 years experience in delivering exceptional customer service and resolving complex technical issues. For the last 3 years I have been doing this at the world's first ever 3 trillion dollar company Apple. I balance software and hardware related issue resolution with educating our customers across the 1.65 billion Apple devices in active use. I also have prior technical experience at Google. I also have experience managing multiple cross-functional and international projects as a freelancer on sites like Testbirds and Upwork. In addition to this I have developed project experience working as a Operations manager role with a global music label called Souletiquette and as a project coordinator at a non-profit called the Irish Tech Society. I am an expert operator in the customer support sphere with a deep passion for creating fantastic experiences for customers and delivering innovative solutions for stakeholders worldwide. I am always available for an interview and I would be happy to take one to see how I can meet your hiring needs.

I'm looking for
In my next role I want to collaborate with team members at all levels to provide to work on cross functional projects or products.
I would like to:
•Lead projects from proposal through postmortem, assessing vague problems, proposing high impact solutions, and executing them against a set of success criteria.
•Contribute to and demonstrate ownership over major areas of responsibility, maintaining and improving them over time.
•Run research, set requirements, asses data, ideate better solutions and close major gaps in the company’s products.
•Work on developing new features in existing products and helping to define new privacy products.
•Working on things like Application management, Account management
Please reach out to me if your company:
•Doesn’t have direct reports, as you collaborate in a distributed leadership model.
•If you empower your team to be self-directed and self-motivated in their work.
Compensation expectations:
-65,000+ euro
I am open to both enterprises and start-ups but I prefer a worldwide remote working environment.
Do reach out to me if you feel you can offer a great package though.