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Nora Krantz (She/Her)

Software Engineer
NYC or remote

About Me

Full stack/frontend JS software engineer with a degree in Women's & Gender Studies and Spanish. I'm interested in the intersections of activism and tech. I love to learn about the many ways people are using code for good, and I strive to create projects that can help others. Techs include HTML, CSS, React/Redux, Express, Sequelize and Nodejs.

I'm looking for
I'm looking for a company/organization whose values align with my own. Rather than working for a massive corporation that focuses solely on growth and expansion, I'd love to work for a mission-driven organization that cares deeply about its users and the value that it brings them.
When I think of my ideal team, communication and support come to mind. I work well in collaborative environments where team members are encouraged to reach out to each other often and pair program when beneficial. I believe that everyone has something to share and something to learn, and my dream company understands and values that.