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Niha Ahmad (She/Her, They/Them)

Software Engineer
Remote, Chicago IL

About Me

Hi, I'm Niha! I’m really passionate about coding and design! Curious by nature, I'm the type of software developer that likes to explore new languages and develop more efficient ways to code. I have a degree in Industrial Engineering and decided to go into Software Engineering where I can bring my ideas and creativity to life. I have full-stack knowledge in Python, Java, and MERN, but am learning more!

I'm looking for
I am ready to tackle any new challenge, even if it means learning a new tech stack! Though I’m comfortable in all phases of development, I love using my experience in client service to interact with people, so I really enjoy the client-facing aspect of front-end development. I’m looking for a mission-driven company that is working on innovative new products and shares my value for creating a positive social impact.