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Nicole Remy (she/her/hers)

Software Engineer, Full Stack Developer
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About Me

I am a Full Stack Web Developer with a background in Architecture, Geographic Information Science, and customer service. I am a recent graduate of the University of Washington Coding Bootcamp and I hope to pursue my passion in tech through a full-time opportunity as a Web Developer or Software Engineer. I have experience working/communicating with stakeholders and collaborating in teams. In the workplace, I am self-motivated and committed to leadership, thinking out of the box, and acquiring new skills. I enjoy working with passionate people, sharing new ideas, and providing cutting edge, efficient solutions.

I'm looking for
I am looking for an opportunity to learn new languages and technologies, grow my knowledge of the tech industry, and receive guidance from industry professionals (a mentor/mentee program would be ideal). I hope to work in a culture-first workplace that prioritizes diversity, inclusion, and growth. I enjoy a vibrant, supportive community that engages employees with goal setting, opportunities for upward mobility, and daily innovation.