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Mrithyunjay Gurav (He/Him)

Software Engineer, Frontend developer, Backend developer, Full Stack developer
Remote, No location preference

About Me

I'm recent graduate with Bachelor's in Computer Science Engineering I am looking for an entry-level position that allows me to learn and build my skills both as a developer and as a teammate, with relentless curiosity and eagerness to learn. I'm constantly learning and trying to deepen my knowledge in all things from designing and developing beautiful, intuitive and user-friendly interfaces to building highly scalable, distributed and resilient systems. Focusing on frontend and backend development my experiences are in JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, GraphQL, MongoDB, NextJS, HTML/CSS, Webpack, Express and one day hope to be a prominent member of React, GraphQL and Node communities.

I'm looking for
I'm looking for a small to fairly large team focusing on building performant web applications while supporting me to deepen my skills as a team.