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Michael J. Coffey (He/Him/His)

Digital Marketing Strategist
Seattle (or remote/virtual)

About Me

I have helped over 1500 small business owners as both an independent consultant and employee of an SBA-sponsored program, teaching classes and in 1-on-1 sessions. Primary topics include using data for better marketing decisions, setting up business systems, and goal setting and planning.

I'm looking for
I love working with a small team of specialists, where we each have our area of expertise and work together to solve real problems in a human-centered way. (Kind of like the crew of Star Trek.)
In an ideal situation, I'd have a clear overall goal, but have the authority to get it done in my own way, which would often look like a lot of 1-on-1 consulting and maybe some small-team work. (Kind of like Sherlock Holmes.)