Photo of Mia Ward

Mia Ward (She/Her/Hers)

UX Designer
New York or Remote

About Me

UX Designer practicing user centric design process for a decade. I’ve held a variety of professional design positions in the Fashion Industry in product development and as a Fit Specialist. My focus has always revolved around how the product connects with the user/customer. Over the past 10 years I’ve worked with "direct to consumer" brands, transitioning the shopping experience from “brick & mortar” to online shopping/e-commerce.

I'm looking for
I love working at larger corporate companies where the ships are big, and the vision can be even bigger. The more opportunities I have to collaborate with specialized unique individuals the better; and I'm interested in doing so in either an in-person capacity or remote.
I thrive in an environment that encourages experimentation, testing, and taking calculated risks in product execution. I look forward to working with a diverse group of individuals brainstorming ideas and communicating with key stakeholders regularly regarding challenges, needs, and opportunities. I'm looking for a role where the research and design process interconnect; and a business that values transparency both with customers and employees.