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Megan Pilahi Moran (They/Them She/Her accepted)

Software Engineer
Los Angeles, Riverside, Seattle, or Remote

About Me

I am a Software Engineer. I chose this path after being laid off when Covid first hit and took the opportunity to pursue what I actually loved. Looking for an Entry-Level job what will allow me to contribute and grow with them. Coming from accounting for a GC, I understand just how important software can be to a company and the quality needed.

I'm looking for
My dream role would be a software engineer or web developer with a company who was appreciates loyalty but encourages growth. A place where the team works together and helps teach each other and share information, encourages a focus on health, and allows for work from home.
I would love to create and collaborate on software or websites that makes a difference. Be it government work or streaming, the things that make people's lives better be it resource or just quality of life. During Covid, it helped remind me why I fell in love with Software Engineering over the years.