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Megan Burkham (She/Her)

Entry-Level/Junior Product/UX Designer
Austin, TX, Remote

About Me

I'm an entry-level Product/UX Designer based in Austin, TX. With a background in visual merchandising, I’m uniquely positioned to use my 12+ years of creating customer-focused experiences to challenge the status quo and diligently advocate for the user across multiple modalities and interfaces…from desktop and mobile touchpoints to physical in-store experiences.

I'm looking for
I’d love a position where I can use my skills to make an impact that I can see with my own eyes. Of course, the role itself is only part of the equation. Being at a company where I can grow and work toward something I care about matters, too. 
What I’m looking for in my new role/company:
- Collaborative, team-focused culture
- Values professional development
- Provides mentorship opportunities
- Promotes a healthy lifestyle
- Encourages teams to socialize outside of the office
...and the list goes on... :)