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Medhir Bhargava (He / Him)

Software Engineer
Seattle / Remote

About Me

Product-oriented software engineer. My experience spans a breadth of different technical disciplines, with in-depth experience building end-to-end applications for the web. I use Go and Javascript most regularly for both professional / personal work. I have also gained experience with cloud infrastructure / DevOps oriented work over the past couple years.

I'm looking for
I would like to be in a position of engineering leadership, with significant responsibility in guiding overall product direction and growing the careers of earlier-stage engineers.
My career has had lots of starts and stops related to undiagnosed ADHD, which I finally came to learn about in 2020. However, it is also my greatest asset. I've had a broad range of experiences in product as well as front & back-end engineering with the ability to dig deep into any one of those areas when necessary. For this reason I believe I'd make an excellent company leader.