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Mark A Rivera (He / Him)

Web Developer

About Me

Software Engineer motivated to develop tech that benefits everyone. I've worked with companies like Roll20, SevenStar and HRF to develop a multitude of projects. From virtual table top characters sheets that over 8 million players use to applications that help protect both officers and citizens during their daily interactions I am always open to learning new tools / tech stacks to solve any problem efficiently, however here is the current stack I find myself using: Front-End: HTML, CSS, JS, TypeScript, React, Redux, Context, React-Query (and many other libraries and tools) Back End: NodeJS, Express, Mongo, Python, Postgresql, JWT Testing: RTL, Cypress Operations: Github, Wireframing, Designing API Contracts I look forward to meeting with you

I'm looking for
I'm looking for a company who is always looking forward without the intention of leaving others behind. There are people who's needs can be solved with technology and we can solve them together.
I also look forward to any mentorship roles I can take up. I love teaching, especially helping those who are newer to the industry. I never mind pair programming and talking to individuals about code so a place where I can help others is preferable.

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