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Malaya Manacop (She/Her)

UX Researcher
Remote, San Diego, CA

About Me

Malaya (she/her) is a UX Designer and currently a student at The Clinical UX Academy™ and QTBIPOC Design UX Bootcamp. She has spent the first 5 years of her career as a researcher and social worker in public health, with a particular focus in serving LGBTQ youth and young adults. She has a passion for equity-focused design, and interested in working for a company with a focus on social impact.

I'm looking for
I am interested in working for a company that will allow me to grow as a UX Designer. I am also interested in roles that will allow me to learn more about UX research. I am interested in working at a design agency or company with an integrated or user-driven level of UX maturity. Lastly, I am working for an organization that is invested in supporting my growth as a UX designer, with senior UX designers who are willing and able to guide and mentor me as an entry-level designer.