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Mahe Iram Khan (She/Her)

Software Engineer Intern
No Location Preference, Ready to Relocate

About Me

I am Mahe. A senior year Computer Engineering student. I code in Python and C++. I am a very quick learner and like to try and understand new technologies and field of software engineering. I have interned at conda-forge, where I helped document the conda-forge ecosystem. I am presently an intern at Quansight Labs, where I am adding more package origins to Grayskull (https://github.com/conda-incubator/grayskull) which is an automatic recipe generator for conda-forge. I am a member of the conda-forge open source community. I'm looking for entry level software engineering roles.

I'm looking for
Personal Mentorship, Learning and Growth Opportunity is the most important thing for me in my desirable role.

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