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Lillian Gray (she/they)

Frontend Developer
Twin Cities, MN, Remote

About Me

I am a Computer Science graduate from Earlham College who is passionate about using software as a tool for social good. As a senior, I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and received the William Roha Computer Science award in recognition for outstanding work in Computer Science. I recently finished a year as a Quaker Voluntary Service Fellow. My areas of proficiency include React, Python, and Sass.

I'm looking for
I would prefer a mix of front-end and back-end coding, or exclusively front-end. I would like a work culture with flexible hours and high work/life balance. I would be happy in a position that is 100% remote or flexibly remote. My ideal position would be highly collaborative, whether that is with coworkers and/or clients. I enjoy relationship work as much as I do coding. Finally, I want the ability to grow within the organization and have ample opportunities for professional development.
My ideal organization would be focused on tech for social good, meaning that the work they do is directly focused on software that helps solve social issues. I am interested in consulting companies to expand my skills in various coding languages. I would want the workplace culture to value work/life balance, to be working against white supremacist culture, and to value grace and respectful accountability over passive aggression. I would also like to work somewhere with less than 50 employees, ideally between 15 and 30.

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