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Lidia De La Cruz (She/Her)

Full Stack Web Developer
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About Me

I'm a goal-oriented, reliable individual and my mission in life is to be able to change or make an impact on someone’s life using technology. With my background in operations and education, I had a firsthand view of the need for classroom technology to enhance student learning. As a former school personnel, I have gained a curiosity in the use of technology to transform how people learn. My constant need to indulge in my curiosity and set forth challenges lead me to begin my coding journey at Grace Hopper. I seek to leverage my skills to give back to low-income communities by creating apps to close the digital divide and equity in justice.

I'm looking for
An opportunity to learn new languages and technologies and continue to be a lifelong learner in the tech industry. I hope to work in a workplace that prioritizes and promotes diversity, inclusion, and growth.