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Kerstin Wolf (She/Her and They/Them)

Data Analyst, Data Scientist
Chicago, Remote

About Me

I recently graduated with my master's in library and information sciences with a focus in data science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Before returning for my master's, I was a literary agent where I represented a number of authors and would sell their manuscripts to publishers so that their manuscripts would one day become books on bookstore shelves. Since then and throughout the last two years, I've taken on a number of data roles. I was a consultant at the Business Intelligence Group where I helped a start-up artificial intelligence company establish their business model with regards to market entry in positioning. I also worked as a data developer intern programming a data curation workflow involving programmatic data cleaning and data ETL using Python for a grant program at the university. Most recently, I was a data science intern working on digital water management at Corteva Agriscience where I automated PDF report generation using R, communicated recommendations from data science pipelines to end users through hundreds of reports distributed across the country, and developed an optimization algorithm using IOT data. I'm a fast learner with endless curiosity, a boat-load of tenacity, and a keen eye for detail.

I'm looking for
I love working in a fast-paced role where my work has a direct impact. I want my work to matter, and I enjoy being able work on a wide variety of projects. A company that values learning and offers opportunities for their employees to continuously learn and improve is something I greatly value. I strive to always produce quality work, and there's no better way to ensure quality than by continuously learning! I also deeply care that the company is continuously working to improve and retain diversity there. Ultimately, I want to work for a company that makes me happy and meets my needs so that I can meet and exceed theirs.