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Kenisha Priester (She/Her)

Data Scientist
Washington, DC Metro

About Me

I love using data to derive insights that provide meaningful value for people and/or machines to make decisions.

I'm looking for
The most important things I am looking for at a company are opportunities to learn new tools and techniques for career growth, and to collaborate with different people in the organization. In my ideal next role, I want to be involved with projects that use both business intelligence/analytics and machine learning.
The typical tasks and responsibilities that I would expect are:
- Meet with stakeholders to discuss project expectations and status
- Collect data from various internal and/or external resources
- Use data wrangling to format untidy and incomplete data
- Use feature engineering to select useful attributes for analysis and/or predictive modeling
- Conduct descriptive and diagnostic analysis to understand trends of past data
- Build or maintain machine learning models and continuously assess performance
- Interpret results of analysis and/or model to communicate to technical or non-technical audiences as a live presentation or written report, with data visualizations