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Kendall Moraski (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
Los Angeles, Remote

About Me

Hi! I'm a full stack software engineer with a background in Indigenous language revitalization, IT, Spanish interpretation/translation and teaching language. I'm craving to collaborate on technical projects that are creatively fulfilling and advancing social justice. Big fan here of front-end design technologies especially, such as Sass and Mapbox, and I'm most interested in technology that's making a positive change in society, including human/civil/language rights, environmental protection and sustainability, .

I'm looking for
My dream company is socially conscious (and not just for show), with diverse, respectful and transparent employees from entry-level through and including management. I want the company's mission to feel more than just a sentence on a website, but something that all the members of the organization truly believe in and deeply care about it. Of course, I hope to also be morally aligned with this vision and to share the organization's values, in particular in the mission to be champions of social justice and give a platform to the marginalized and underrepresented. I want my role at this company to be respected and important, while also being supported and allowed to be freely inquisitive. This translates naturally into room for growth in all directions. Suffice to say, I simply want to love my job and love working with my coworkers and (someday?) "at the office" again.
I picture myself, at least at this stage in my career, at a small to midsize organization where I can really gain a lot of insight and more industry experience for as a software engineer, but company size ultimately is not a deal-breaker so long as I feel taken care of. I want to be challenged and to be constantly learning new things, as a lifelong fan of daily education. Ideally I would like to be working at a fun and interesting organization in the Los Angeles area, remote or otherwise. While I am trained in full stack JavaScript, I tend to gravitate towards playing around with the front-end more than the back-end. I think the idea of being mentored, such as in areas where I may not feel as knowledgeable, would be fabulous, and I look forward to the day when I can return the favor and mentor someone new to the industry as well.