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Kate Summerill (she/they)

Software Engineer

About Me

Full Stack Engineer experienced in JavaScript + React and Python + Django with a background in SaaS customer management. As an adaptable, life-long learner, I possess strong skills in identifying technical solutions that help growing companies scale efficiently, with an eye on customer success.

I'm looking for
I'm looking to work for a company that cares about people internally and externally, whose products are additive to society, who understands and works intentionally to fill the gaps of inequities and is a good steward of it’s resources. I want a place where I can grow my career and have some longevity. More specific to a role, I’m looking for something that will meet me where I am and challenge me to learn and grow from that point. I want to work on a product that is interesting, pushes the boundaries of technology and helps people in their daily lives. I care deeply about being on a team that gives regular, actionable and meaningful feedback.