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Kate Lois G. Follett (She/Her)

Software Engineer
Remote - New York, NY - Seattle, WA - San Francisco, CA - Portland, OR - Chicago, IL - Boston, MA - Los Angeles, CA

About Me

I am a career changer, in my past life I was a Digital Marketer and now have resurrected as a Software Engineer through the completion of a coding bootcamp and continuous learning. My mission as a Software Engineer is to contribute to applications that enrich lives and build communities. As a first generation Filipino-American, I want to forge a path for future women of color transitioning into tech. To set an example that your goals and dreams can be attainable no matter the color of your skin, your race, background and sexuality.

I'm looking for
I am looking for a company that aligns with my mission, has a collaborative team, and cares about diversity and inclusion.

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