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Kate Gallagher (She/her/hers)

Product Manager
Denver/Boulder, Remote, International for right opportunity

About Me

I love leveraging technology to have a real impact on real-world lives. Right now, I'm helping set up a standardized protocol for interoperability between privacy-focused contact tracing apps, in the hope that we're all soon back in our communities. I'm a user-focused product professional with a solid background in design and research. But, like many product managers, I expand to fill my role. So I'm also an efficiency nerd, a social coordinator, and an advocate for coworkers' professional development.

I'm looking for
I want to work in a company that uses tech to impact the real world. I'm particularly interested in greentech, social impact, healthcare, and edtech companies. Ideally, it's a small enough company that I have the opportunity to step into different roles, versus siloing deeply into one. I'm most successful as a generalist. Down the road, I look forward to managing multiple teams and managing and mentoring other PMs.