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Kaleigh Scruggs

Front End Web Developer

About Me

I'm a front-end web developer with over ten years of experience creating and styling websites. My most recent role was in a consulting firm as a senior web developer. I worked on various projects for clients using content management systems like WordPress and Drupal to implement new styles and features. I also worked on web apps using Angular and React. I love front-end development and making designs a reality using Sass, Bootstrap, FlexBox, and MaterialUI.

I'm looking for
I'm looking for a role where I can learn and grow as a developer. I want to gain more experience with backend technologies to become full-stack. I love making websites more responsive and accessible and solving issues for different browsers. I also love working with designers to make their creations a reality. I'd like to not only work on development but help with documentation and writing technical blogs and posts as well.