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Julie Chen

Product or Data Analyst
New York City

About Me

I enjoy using data to understand user behavior and to help inform decisions that impact how customers engage with products or businesses. I have experience developing data driven insights and championing them into action at a B2B2C startup, where I analyzed user behavior to optimize the customer journey and suggest product improvements. This includes defining KPIs, developing dashboards and analyzing product performance to address business questions. I am looking for analytical opportunities in areas such as product analytics and customer analytics. Skills/tools: Numeracy (SQL), Jupyter Notebook (Python), Google Data Studio, Tableau, Looker, Confluence, Jira

I'm looking for
I am really interested in a career in consumer analytics or product analytics. Thus, I would like to join a data analytics team in a direct-to-consumer organization (ideally medium/large). The role would allow me to work collaboratively with different teams (ie: product, marketing). I would like ownership over work from start to finish and understand how my analytical work leads to tangible impact, rather than solely handing over an analysis based on a JIRA ticket.
Ideally, the company encourages employees to ask questions and continuously learn. It would be amazing if there is an employee resource group in place or a learning stipend offered.