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Jessica 'Jai' Thurman

UX Researcher
Remote, Atlanta, GA, New York, NY

About Me

I am a UX Researcher that is passionate about creating human-centered empathetic digital products. I have two degrees in Psychology and Communications and I am a International Psychology MSc graduate student. I enjoy the process of research because it allows me to better understand the user, company, and how to implement the product design.

I'm looking for
I want to work on a team that values and encourages diverse perspectives and invests in continued education. I am comfortable presenting my ideas and taking on leadership roles. My goal would be able to primarily do research but also be apart of the design process as well. I believe that my educational and work experience would bring a unique perspective to any project. I am able to empathize with individuals easily and liaison when needed. I am a forever learner and a team player. If I sound like someone you would want to work with, I look forward to speaking with you soon.