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Jess Tabac (She/Her)

UX/UI Apprenticeship
No location preference; looking to move; remote

About Me

Hi there! Looking to transition careers from the beer industry into UX/UI. I'm currently enrolled in a bootcamp and am looking to say goodbye to my course and start working in a real world environment.

I'm looking for
While, I feel like I have gained valuable knowledge so far with my program, I would ideally like to find an apprenticeship now to learn UX on the job. This approach is the best way to fully understand a field, in my opinion. I'm seeking an apprenticeship to learn the full dynamics of a UX team, and learn UX principles in a real life setting that pertains to a business. I feel in my bootcamp, I am not utilizing my energy in the most opportunistic approach in gaining true UX fundamentals.
In the long term, I'll ideally move into areas that work with artificial intelligence. I feel there is a huge need to guide humans on a path to accept AI comfortably into their lives.