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Irene Scott (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
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About Me

Software engineer experienced in Rails and JavaScript based programming with a background in tech support and agriculture. I’m enthusiastic, team-oriented, a quick learner, and an excellent communicator. I'm willing to relocate for employment.

I'm looking for
I'm looking for a workplace whose mission I believe in and support passionately. I would like to work at a place that uses current technologies and the best coding practices. This goes along with having great management letting me know which approaches I should take to do this with my code to make the sure I am meeting the company's highest standards.
In addition, I am looking for a workplace where professional growth is focused on and positive energy consistently being spread in a healthy environment where team members encourage each other. I would also say that I'm looking for a workplace where fairness for recognition of hard work exists and diversity is valued.