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Ifelola Oluwole (He)

IT HelpDesk or Customer Success
100% Remote

About Me

I am an experienced IT Professional with over 5 years of specialization in Cloud Operation and Architecture.  I have spent thousands of hours practicing customer support services along with the design and implementation of cloud solutions and the provision of business critical advisory and guidance for corporate customers. I have a working knowledge of Active directory, Microsoft Azure, O355 Admin,  Conditional access policies, Microsoft Azure AD connect & Cloud Sync, Azure Information Protection and Azure Multifactor Authentication with significant support experience. I love new challenges and I can also master new.

I'm looking for
I want to work for a firm where I can contribute to an innovative and forward-thinking company that is going places. I already have the skills, the qualities, and the expertise to come into the company and make a positive impact. This is actually a win-win situation. You get a committed, hungry, and experienced employee, and I get to work for a company where I will get lots of job satisfaction, where I will get to put my skills to good use, and where I will feel immensely proud to work at