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Huda Malik (She/Her)

UX Designer
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About Me

Huda is a multilingual, first generation Pakistani-American UX designer. Her diverse background brings an intersection of unique perspectives to her work, and personal life. She loves that UX design has the ability to empower, enhance, and create a healthier future for all others, including those who have diverse, intersecting backgrounds - similar to herself. Huda also loves to eat donuts, travel to warm places, find neat new tunes to listen to, and spend time with her niblings.

I'm looking for
At a dream company, I'd love to see more mentorship and sponsorship for underrepresented folks in tech; I thrive in cultures where there is a healthy balance of work and play - cultures where being constructive and intentional is encouraged; I love to be a part of work cultures where we can encourage folks working to be people, not just workers.