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Guinevere (Guin for short) White (She/Her/Hers)

UI/UX Designer

About Me

🦄 A "unicorn," compassionate designer and business builder, I'm a ux/ui design and web development specialist with nearly 3 decades of experience in sales, marketing, and business development. I currently help organizations struggling with ways to effectively connect with people by stripping away obstacles blocking growth and inhibiting success through UX research, UI design, remote technology consulting, web development and design services. Using empathy and deep understanding, I adopt and embrace my employer's objectives which drives synergy and growth, saves resources and increases revenues. My collaborative, human-centered approach results in rewarding solutions to complex and challenging ("wicked") problems.

I'm looking for
I would love to contribute and apply design thinking principles to a team that's involved in helping raise awareness about their organization's mission, making the world a better, richer, more wondrous place to be in. My "figure-it-out-and-get it-done" entrepreneurial nature fits well within startups, small- and medium-sized companies, and I tend to flourish in an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, diversity and a sense of fun.