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George Offley (He/Him)

Software Engineer
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About Me

Software Engineer who has been coding for five years. I am strong in back-end technologies, networking, and some front-end work. I have created both server related scripts and programs and client facing software. I have experience creating, maintaining, and using different technologies to interact with databases in MySQL, and Oracle. I have helped medium sized companies digitize maintenance forms and quality processes. I have knowledge in C#, VB.Net, PHP, Python, JavaScript, and some HTML/CSS.

I'm looking for
Dream company would be a software developer for Pixar or the Walt Disney Animation studio creating software to create movies. Specifically working on graphics programming and animation engine building. I would also like to work on pipeline software to help the animation process. I would also like the opportunity to work on larger projects and help create programs to better assist large organizations though algorithm development.
I also have interest in working at large corporations such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, or Facebook. Through those companies to help build out their platforms. If possible, I would like the ability to work on the AWS platform through Amazon. Regardless of the job I am looking for a role which will allow me to work in a team of highly qualified people which I can learn from. A role which works with the highest standards in software development. A role where the work I do can have the largest amount of impact.