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Emmanuel Kipkemoi (He/Him)

Software Engineer

About Me

An enthusiast of technology with core competence in Typescript, Javascript, React, Express, Node and Django. I architect, design, develop and build unit tests for scalable web applications from start to deployment using these languages and a super set of other skills I have honed over the course of my software engineering career such as git, css3, html5, figma, firebase cloud functions and firestore, nosql db and sql ones’, designing and creating REST api’s, progressive web apps and much more. I am greatly skilled in docker and AWS (ECS and Fargate) for deploying scalable containerised web applications. I believe the greatest success to any products is usually driven by the end users, and for the same reason I use a customer first approach when designing and implementing these systems.

I'm looking for
An opportunity that will allow me to take on more responsibility and progress my career by utilising my existing excellent skills.