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Emily Liew (She/Her)

Software Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Full Stack Engineer
Dublin/remote Ireland, Remote Europe

About Me

I'm a software engineer based in Dublin, Ireland. I recently graduated with BSc (Hons.) in Computer Science from University College Dublin. Previously, I was elected as treasurer at UCD Internet Society twice and QA-ed mobile apps at Ding.com. In teams, I tend to be the one generating ideas, leading discussions, and hunting down bugs. I've worked with Java, Spring boot, React, CSS, MongoDB, MySQL, microservices architecture, and REST APIs in my projects, but my thesis involved self-taught Python, Tensorflow, recommender systems, and reinforcement learning.

I'm looking for
I'm seeking an entry-level software, frontend, or full-stack development role based in Dublin, Ireland. I'm open to remote/hybrid work and learning a new stack. My ideal company has thought extensively about remote/hybrid work, their culture, and the impact of their work. In fact, the main reason I enjoyed my previous roles was being able to see feedback about how my team's work helped others.