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About Me

Hello! I'm Elspeth: front-end developer, lifelong learner, and wearer of many (hand-knitted) hats. Formerly a professional orchestral violinist, I recently received an associate's degree in Web Development, where I learned to love the manifold complexities of front-end work. I am currently finishing up a front-end engineering internship at Propeller Health in Madison, WI, where I am getting to witness first-hand how tech can change the world in remarkable ways. I may just be starting out on this particular career path, but my relentless drive, love of collaborating with others, and affinity for being required to think outside the box in fast-paced work environments are well-worn facets of my identity. My forte is front-end development, but I'm equally intrigued by back-end work. I love thinking about thinking, and I'm happiest when I'm solving problems and expanding my horizons.

I'm looking for
I've never believed in soul mates, but my transition into the world of front-end web development has taught me to believe in soul careers. I am passionate about making things, I am happiest when I'm working closely with others, my mind is always hungry for new knowledge, and I like knowing that the work I do transcends my own importance, and has an effect on the lives of people both inside and outside of my immediate sphere of influence.
I want to work in a fast-paced Agile environment with a team of committed, driven engineers. I want to be expected to work hard, and to deliver meaningful results during my first weeks of work--even as a junior developer. I want to be required to learn new things, and to ask a lot of questions, but I also want to build on my extant skills/knowledge-base. But most of all, I want to work for a company whose first-and-foremost goal is to make the world a more user-friendly place by producing accessible user interfaces that are as functional as they are beautiful.