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Dominic Morgan (He/Him/His)

Product Manager
New York

About Me

My technical expertise and strategic management experience have allowed me to lead the product development for both internal and external clients. I am passionate about driving decision making through data analytics and analysis to provide unique insights. I have found success developing analytic solutions around advertising and search engine marketing with data visualizations. My experience has allowed me to support development teams with clearly understanding client requirements and potential solution designs. With a technical background, I can jump in and provide support to developers and designers to work through issues. I earned a Data Science Professional certificate from Harvard X University which has allowed me to deepen my knowledge and skillset for developing go-to-market strategies for organizations. In college I started a textbook buying program to compete against University bookstores. It started at my university my freshman year and expanded to across the US as our pricing arbitrage algorithm improved. I have helped a social impact incubator establish is entrepreneur footprint in Bosnia to help grow the startup community in the country and neighboring countries. To reduce food waste and maximize quality food growth, I worked with a known chef to develop a rooftop farming cooperative that would provide produce to area kitchens and food pantries. Last summer I spent two weeks bikepacking across small towns in Northern Spain and Southern France.

I'm looking for
I'd like to be a technical product manager or analytics manager where I can combine my technical skill set with my strategy consulting and product develop experience. Being part of an organization that wants to support people to grow, learn, and evolve with the company. I am curious by nature, so I break things down and understand how individual pieces of something contribute to the larger success of something.