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Korede Bashir

Developer Relations
No location preference

A result-driven software engineer with an expertise in community building. With over 3 years experience in software engineering, I have built comprehensive solutions to complex problems over the years, and I craft these amazing software solutions using JavaScript (MERN) and Python - while working on distributed teams. As a seasoned engineer, I preach my craft whenever necessary - and required. I have spoken at international conferences like the NDC Conference (ndcconferences.com), aside from speaking at (and facilitating) national events, workshops and user groups.


DevRel & Web Dev Leadership role

Award-winning open-source engineer and developer advocate. Working with Google Developers as GDE for Web/CSS. Author of various open-source dev-tools and software libraries used by millions of developers worldwide. Leading developers and publishing technical content for over a decade. Self-confessed tech comedian cracking silly jokes in the JavaScript web and cloud communities.

Nikema Prophet

Developer Advocate, Support Engineer
Remote only

I am a software engineer who is most excited about work that combines community building and software development. I am language-agnostic but have the most experience with full-stack JavaScript and front-end web development. Companies who work to democratize tech and software engineering get bonus points from me.

Francisca Adekanye

Project Manager, Community Manager, Developer Advocate, Technical Writer

I'm a tech enthusiast with over 3 years experience with the tech space. I’m looking forward to growing my management skills to hopefully develop and inspire a team of my own.