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Shandreanna Martin (She/Her)

UX/UI Designer

I am a passionate and empathetic professional that is hoping to transition into an entry-level UX Designer role. I am a self-motivated learner constantly keeping up my customer-focused skillset through design challenges, community volunteer work, and passion projects. I thrive on constantly diversifying and updating my research skills to better understand users' needs and building my network through mentorship and active outreach. I believe this approach to education and continuous improvement helps hone my skills as a UX Designer.

William Maurice Latimer (He/Him)

UX/UI Designer
Remote; Dallas, TX; Grand Prairie, TX

I am Maurice Latimer, a UX designer and pretty good cook. (So, I've been told... My favorite dish to cook? I'm glad you asked! Shrimp and grits is my most requested dish, but I digress...) As a UX designer, I dedicate myself to creating positive user experiences through problem solving, simplicity, and adaptability. I create products deeply rooted in authentic empathy for real people and their daily lives. I believe that everything in life is a collaboration and strive to leave the world a better place through random acts of kindness.

Giannette Vega (She/her)

Project manager, System Administrator, UX Design, HR

I am a senior in college obtaining my bachelors degree in healthcare administration and sciences with a minor in management and psychology expected in 2023 as a first generation Latina. I have worked in the healthcare industry for two years with a role in direct patient care and office administration with skills such as interpreting and translating for Spanish speaking patients and documents.

Samuel Adekunle (He/Him)

Brand / Marketing Designer

Marketing and brand designer with over 5 years experience helping brands create visuals that drive sales. I have worked on various digital marketing campaigns worth hundred-thousands of dollars. Skilled in the use of Adobe Creative Suite, Figma and even low-technical tools like Canva.

Aaina Sharma (She/Her)

Director of Product Design, Head of Design
San Francisco, remote

I'm a San Francisco based Design leader who has recently moved back to SF from London. My latest role was 'Head of Design' at a London-based B2B mental health startup where I built the Design & Research team from the ground up. Before that, I was the founding designer and Head of Design at HelloSign, which was acquired by Dropbox a couple of years ago.

Tobi Dele-Safa (She/Her/They/Them)

Product Manager

I am a product manager, ex software engineer with over 3 years of experience working with diverse teams, in both start-ups and large corporations, where I collaborated with engineering, growth, and design teams to build and ship products that range from edTech solutions for universities in Nigeria to full-fledged fraud management systems that incorporate machine learning used in financial institutions all around Africa. I understand the importance of keeping the users at the center of the product decisions, setting and working towards key metrics based on business strategy, as well as the importance of stakeholder management and communication. I am passionate about solving problems, learning new concepts, and applying them to the work I do.

Gideon Olaboye (He/Him)

Brand/Visual/Motion Designer

I'm a visual/motion designer based in Lagos, Nigeria. A lover of design and art. I'm always enthusiastic and ready/eager to solve problems. I'm also a lover of good music and love a comfortable environment.

Tariq Cranston (He/Him)

Product Design / UX Design Intern
Remote/No location preference

Hi, there! My name is Tariq Cranston, and I'm an entry-level UX designer who enjoys creating and problem-solving. I am currently pursuing a master's degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Human-Computer Interaction in Washington, DC. I can best be described as a jack of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.

Jean-Philippe (JP) Kalambay (He/Him)

Web Developer

I am full stack developer and recent graduate of Lighthouse Labs web development boot-camp. Since earning my diploma I have continued my learning with freelance work and online coding platforms. I am eager to use my skills in a professional setting to further facilitate my growth in the industry.

Roz Novik

UX Designer, Digital Designer, UX Researcher, Web Content Manager
Onsite, Hybrid & Remote. I live 30 miles east of Seattle, WA USA

Older UX designers are vital for UX teams and product development success, and I’m excited to bring my 25+ years’ experience in web design, UX design, web content management and marketing to innovative teams. I am creative and innovative, curious, resourceful, humorous, compassionate, energetic, logical, and adaptable, with a BA in Digital Design. I am committed to the web usability, accessibility, and inclusivity. I am fascinated by the endless opportunities that the internet and modern technology offer us. The diversity of a UX team is crucial for creating a product that is suitable, equitable, and appealing for all users. However, less than one percent, actually about zero, of new hires in UX design teams are designers from my generation. Diversify your team, enhance your product, and reach more customers and users. I look forward to meeting your team!

Kasumi Ramirez (She/Her)

UI designer

I have a strong passion in design. I started my career as a Graphic Designer in 2011 after graduating the Joshibi Art & Design University in Tokyo. For the past few years, my profession shifted more towards digital design. I've designed and developed 6 responsive websites for tour operators, activity providers and event organizers. I'm currently looking for a position as a UI designer and hopefully gain skills on UX design as well.

Sneha Pullanoor (She/her)

Product Management, UX Research, Product Designer, Software Engineer
No location preference!

CS + psych sophomore, research @ InfoFusion Labs. Passionate about enhancing user experiences, building simplified products, and leveraging tech to solve real-world problems. Previously product/UX @ two startups and some research proposals under my belt.

Mari Garcia (She/Her/Ella)

UX Designer, UX Research
NYC, Remote

Always cheerful, I prioritize company culture and thrive through collaboration. I am passionate about applying empathy, creativity, and critical thinking skills to design ethical inclusive human-centered products. I've learned how to combine my knowledge of business strategies and User experience to design product that benefits the team as well as the user.

Wendy Taing (She/Her)

User Experience Designer / User Research Coordinator
Remote and / or Los Angeles

Hello. I am a User Experience Designer with previous roles as Project Coordinator and Customer Experience. I am currently looking for entry-level UX positions where I can learn and grow my skills. I'm excited to bridge the gap between users and technology.

Babajide Bashiru

Remote, DC

In addition to my UX skills in Visual Design, prototype building, and HTML/CSS, I have 4+ years of working as a graphic designer and am comfortable leading and driving initiatives that require a strong amount of leadership and ownership. I bring human-centered design into my work and strive to keep the user's needs top of mind as I work through project requirements and iterations. I'm interested in bringing my critical thinking, creative skills.

Eleanor Sayde Sevell (She/Her)

User Experience Design & Research, Web Design

I am a User Experience Designer/Researcher well versed in Adobe suite, Graphic Design and Web & App Development. I am an adaptable, dependable, and hardworking individual, pulling from a wide array of talents and experiences. The many professional positions I have held afford me unique insights and knowledge including an understanding of different countries and cultures I can bring to a career in the UX/UI field. I have worked with many different people in contrasting environments and have become extremely versatile as a result.

Jazlyn Martin (she/her)

UX Designer
Remote or NYC

I am a UX Designer with a Business Marketing background with a passion for using user research to bring value to brands. I've learned how to combine my knowledge of business strategies and User experience to design product that benefits the whole company.

Pavithra Chandrasekhar (She/They)

Product Designer
No location preference.

Pavithra is a UX Designer/Researcher with 2+ years of experience working as a designer. She recently completed my Masters in Design & Technology at Parsons and is interested in designing products and experiences that are easy to use, secure, inclusive and accessible.

Rhy Floarea (They/Them)

UX Writer
NYC, Remote

A as UX Writer I strive to put the right words in the right spaces while also manipulating those spaces to serve the goals of people and organizations. My goal is to foster clear and meaningful relationships between people and technology.

Travette Gazelle Castaneda (she/her)

UX/UI Designer
Remote, Nevada, Texas, Florida

Hi my name is Travette. I am a UX/UI product designer looking for my next big project after recently graduating from Thinkful's bootcamp. I have been a tutor and swim teacher for some years now and although it has been emotionally fulfilling I needed an artistic outlet, which is why I pursued design. This background has led me to be empathetic and communicative in my designs. I've used Figma, the Google and Adobe suites and Miro as my primary tools for researching, branding, and prototyping. I have designed a transportation app, hairstyling website, and an app centered on learning how to choose the most viable fruits and vegetables. Let's have a convo! Zoom, in person or otherwise!

Deepika Mohanty (She/Her)

User Experience Designer
Remote, Chicago

I am a UX Researcher/UX Designer with 4+ years of relevant work experience in the field of research and Design. In my past projects, I both led the team and design experiences through research to bring forth products that are engaging, intuitive, and informative to our users. My background is in Genetics. I have been working as a UX consultant and more recently UX contractor with an early stage start start-up company, where I was leading the team on research and usability testing as well as building out wireframe and hi-fidelity prototypes on Figma. Please feel free to connect with me over LinkedIn and check out my most recent UX work - https://deepikamohanty.com. Let's work together and deliver for our users.

Megan Burkham (She/Her)

Entry-Level/Junior Product/UX Designer
Austin, TX, Remote

I'm an entry-level Product/UX Designer based in Austin, TX. With a background in visual merchandising, I’m uniquely positioned to use my 12+ years of creating customer-focused experiences to challenge the status quo and diligently advocate for the user across multiple modalities and interfaces…from desktop and mobile touchpoints to physical in-store experiences.

Raquel (She)

UX/UI Designer

Hello. I’m an entry-level UXUI Designer from London. I have a background in Electronic Engineering and Maths from university and a passion for design which has been at the core of everything I do. I am sure that this blend of skills make me an ideal candidate for a UXUI Design position. I have a proactive and energetic attitude that could be beneficial when working in a team. My portfolio website shows my most recent experience and thought process when tackling various business and design issues. You can contact me on my email raqueldjalo@live.com.pt. I look forward to hear from you Thank you Raquel

Chinenye Monanu (She/Her)

UX Designer

I'm a graphic designer with 3+ years of experience who recently transitioned to UX design. After being a social media designer for a few years, I was looking for something a bit more challenging and that's what led me to change careers. I'm looking for a position where I can apply my skills and also grow as a UX designer. I’m really eager to learn and I regard myself as a fast learner. I also have experience working in teams so this is something that I’ll bring to any company I'm in.

Nneka Eko (She/Her)

User Experience Designer
Texas or Remote

I’m a UX design intern with a background in analytics and healthcare seeking full time product design or user experience design opportunities focused in the space of wellness, fintech, or software space. I’m extremely passionate to mend the gap between digital and human experiences.

Princess Iheanetu (She/Her)

NYC, LA, Remote

Multidisciplinary designer -- inspired by culture in motion, projects that place a premium on innovation and brand philosophies rooted within fashion, health and wellness. At the intersection of direction, design and storytelling -- continuously learning through experimentation to contribute my skillset to brands rooted in impactful design. Strong interest in design research, brand narratives, content strategy, art, and project management.

Sara Darko (She/Her)

UX Researcher
Remote / Open to Relocation

Hi there! I'm a Health Informatics graduate with 2 years of research and project coordination experience and 1 year of data analysis experience, in healthcare! I am a curious, empathetic and driven team player looking to transition into and make an impact in the tech industry. I have the desire to channel this energy towards developing innovative data-driven solutions that align with user needs.

Lewis Kang’ethe Ngugi (He/Him)

Senior Product Designer

I'm a multidisciplinary and full-stack designer with over 6 years experience problem solving on a global scale. Passionate about community building.

Adhel Geng (She/Her)

UX Design
Boston, Virginia, New York, Remote

Hi there. My name is Adhel, and I am a current senior at Wellesley College. I am a self-taught designer looking for my first entry-level job in design. Currently, I work as a UX/Front-end development intern at CoolGreenPower. I am passionate about empowering small businesses and creating thoughtful products for community and wellbeing.

Jeremy Mendoza (He/Him)

UX Designer
Chicago, Remote

I’m a UX designer who loves working with customers to identify and understand their needs. I seek to produce empathetic, inclusive, and engaging solutions to do just that. I’ve spent my recent time re-examining existing systems and pinpointing the ways I can improve them to better serve their users. I am also enthusiastic about the ways we as designers can create more accessible and inclusive solutions for the unheard and underserved.

Tomya Mateo (She/Her)

Product manager/UX

Product evangelist. Growth Mindset. Servant Leader. Product/UX and designer with +8 years multidisciplinary experience. Entrepreneur. Certified Scrum Master. SAFe framework. Won several prizes as a Startup. 2 Accelerator programs: Startup school from Y-Combinator & SIBB.

Porscha Fair (She/Her)

UX Designer, Product Designer

I’m a designer with over 10 years of experience in web/visual design and digital marketing, now translating my skills to UX and product design because I want to focus on what I am most passionate about – the user experience. I have a special interest in research and information architecture. I care deeply about researching and providing strategic and thoughtful solutions for user problems, and ensuring products and services are equitable and accessible for all.

Justin Dennis (He/Him)

UI/UX/Product Designer

I’m a UX Designer focused on using empathy, intuitive, & equitable design principles to solve complex problems with human centered solutions.

Roland Taylor

Web Designer

I'm a web and graphics designer who specializes is crisp, clean designs. I love working with CSS and SVG, and would be thrilled to find a job working with either one.

Samantha (Sam) Viotty (She/Her)

User Researcher, Experience Designer, Design Strategist, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Client Relations Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager
Remote, happy to travel for short-mid term contracts

Sam Viotty is a creative problem solver with a demonstrated history of using design thinking to generate solutions to a wide range of challenges. Trying to coin "creative operational design" as a way of expanding the definition of what design roles traditionally look like, she uses different research methods and creative strategies to manage projects, programs, and develop processes. She has spent the past 7 years of her career developing strategies and programs with start-ups and inaugural programs all with the aim of supporting companies and organizations create what their audiences need.

Zachary Fetters (He/Him)


I am a self-taught web/graphic designer with close to eight years of knowledge. Due to a lack of design or programming-related opportunities where I live, I have not had much luck or experience in working in tech, so I am looking to get my foot in the door and start!

Isaac Sixtus Chizaram (He/Him)

Remote/ Open to Relocation

I m a Designer with over 5 years of professional experience in the design space and a track record in brand communication, marketing design, creative direction, community management and marketing design on a global scale. Thus, I see every project as a chance to “leave my footprint” and explore unique design techniques. I have given talks/workshops at Design/OS conferences around the globe at UX Professionals Washington, Open Up Summit Asia, iMakeFOSS, Friends of Figma Nigeria, FOSSASIA Singapore, FOSDEM Belgium among many. Currently serving as a Program Committee Member, DrupalCon North America 2021. Founded Creative Discourse, a community empowering creatives in Africa. Over the years, I ‘ve contributed to Drupal, Linux Foundation Public Health, Indian Open Source Organization, Python, Open Source Design. I speak Mandarin(Chinese) ,中文

Ruiwen Fan (She/Her)

UX Designer
No location preference

I'm a data-driven UX designer & researcher with a background in HCI & CS, who enjoys creating a highly accessible user-centered experience that leaves a positive impact on people and bridges the gap in communication/collaboration.

Rachel Vice (She/Her)


I’m a designer and illustrator currently leading the design of instructional content at BOA. My experience ranges from developing illustrative content strategies to designing usable interactive instructional experiences in physical and digital spaces.

Malaya Manacop (She/Her)

UX Researcher
Remote, San Diego, CA

Malaya (she/her) is a UX Designer and currently a student at The Clinical UX Academy™ and QTBIPOC Design UX Bootcamp. She has spent the first 5 years of her career as a researcher and social worker in public health, with a particular focus in serving LGBTQ youth and young adults. She has a passion for equity-focused design, and interested in working for a company with a focus on social impact.

Furqan Soomro (He/him)

UX/UI & Front-end developer
Remote or happy to relocate

Psychology graduate with 3+ years of experience in content creation, social media strategy and marketing. Working freelance as a web designer & social media manager. Advocate of mental health, diversity, inclusivity, equity & LGBTQI+ community.

Elizabeth Coker (She/Her)

UI/UX Internship
Remote, No location preference

I'm changing my career path into the tech world via UI/UX design. I'm open to take up internships or entry level roles.

Kelsey Horowitz (She/Her)

Product Designer / UX Designer
New York, Remote

Hi, I'm Kelsey - a passionate, empathetic designer with broad international experience, and a background in psychology and communications. I love working with and meeting different people, enhancing my desire to create inclusive and empowering designs. I strive to solve users' problems and meet the business goals.

Richmon Makafui (Him)


I'm a UX/UI Designer and a Product Designer who has users interests at heart. I have a sincere passion for everything design. I am advanced powerpoint presentation designer as well, having about 4 years worth of work experience in this area. i have a wealth of knowledge concerning finding the best design solutions for user problems in developing products. I love design for how it makes everything fit together and make sense

Evans Domina Attafuah (He/Him)

iOS Developer

Am an iOS Developer. I focus on crafting clean user interfaces and solving user experience problems on the iOS platform. Am also passionate about demystifying complex component into simpler usage scenarios and also building reusable components that can be used by design and development teams.

Laura Sinisterra (She/her)


Multidisciplinary designer with experience in brand identity and web design. interest in design research, art, learning and time management. Learning through intentional experimentation, looking to collaborate and expand my skillset.

Brianna Snitchler (She/They)

Product Design
Remote, Austin, Detroit, LA

Product Designer with nearly 10 years experience shipping products for web, mobile, AR, VR, and beyond. Advocate of design justice. Aspiring music producer and DJ. Seeking solutions for a sustainable, healthy, and equitable future.

Cody campbell (He/Him/His)

UX/UI Designer
Remote, No Location Preference, Open to Relocation

I'm a UX/UI Designer who is passionate about fighting for the user. I do this by creating human-centered and usable products. I believe that great design can change the way people live and for the better. After spending the past five years in marketing, I am an excellent problem solver and know that building relationships is the key to understanding users' frustrations. Designing a solution and keeping the user in mind is the foundation to creating a great and inclusive product which is what made me fall in love with UX/UI.

Archana Mudiam (She/Her/Hers)

UX Designer
No Location Preference

My name is Archana, and I currently working with Women Who Code, Silicon Valley to design a portal for their members. As a UX designer, I am passionate about problem-solving and innovation. I collaborate with cross-functional teams to design workflows and create prototypes. My in-depth understanding of HTML and CSS, capabilities of web browsers has helped me design better products that translate well into development.

Jess Tabac (She/Her)

UX/UI Apprenticeship
No location preference; looking to move; remote

Hi there! Looking to transition careers from the beer industry into UX/UI. I'm currently enrolled in a bootcamp and am looking to say goodbye to my course and start working in a real world environment.

Tomas Phillips (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
North Carolina, DC, remote

Hello, I am Tomás, a recent graduate from Lambda School. I'm constantly learning and trying to deepen my knowledge in all things related to computer science and software engineering. I would love to get my foot in the door to a career in tech, and hope to someday become somewhat of a wizard (AKA an expert) in my domain of knowledge! Thanks!

Marie Rosario (she/her)

UX/Product Designer
Remote, San Diego, Seattle, No preference

Hello! I'm Marie and I'm a designer! I'm an energetic individual with a passion for developing user experiences that are accessible and intuitive. With a background in education and accessibility, I hope to focus and design inclusive products that cater to my stakeholders and underserved end users. I have experience in conducting consumer research and translating collected data into design decisions while working with interdisciplinary teams. I strive to design products which provide access, inclusion and social impact. Check out my portfolio! https://marieux.com/

Sunil Shinde (He/Him/His)

Product Designer
Greater Boston, MA or Remote

8+ years of experience in Tech with a craving for better Interaction Design & Usability. Been effectively collaborating with teams and engaging appropriate stakeholders throughout the project and creating alignment.

Linh Su (She/Her/Hers)

UX Designer

Hi! I am Linh! I’m a user-centered designer with an emphasis on follow-through and attention to detail. My background has been largely working with people from the engineering to the technology field. As a former human resources professional, I’ve learned to use my skills to understand how people work and their motivations. A creative at heart, I love implementing designs that work with users and their diverse needs. Solving problems, creating usable websites, and welcoming new challenges are some of the many things that I enjoy as a UX Designer.

Roli Khanna (She/Her/Hers)

User Experience Researcher
Chicago, Remote

Hi! I’m a recent Computer Science master’s graduate, with two years of user research experience in academia. I’m a techie turned UX researcher, with hands-on experience in machine learning. I’m passionate about explainable AI, human centered design and chai. Hit me up if this sounds intriguing to you!

Marcela Christina Musgrove (She/her/hers)

UX Researcher
Remote/open to relocation

I'm a UX researcher with a masters in HCI who is very involved with the UX community and eager to take on a new challenge!

Johnny Garces (He/Him/His)

UX Designer

I'm a UX Designer with experience launching products and achieving results for early-stage startups and local government agencies. I apply concepts in human factors across all disciplines, whether it's for research or interface design. I begin with research and end with prototypes to test with users. Nice to meet you!

N. Harley Cooper

UX Developer, product designer

I’m good at coding because I have an analytic mind. Do I want to code 24/7, no. I’m a person that love gardening, meditation, yoga, and occasionally some video games. I have a mission to make the products I produce mobile and people first because everyone, especially the youth, deserves quality software- no matter their socioeconomic position.

Ebony S. Johnson (She/Her/Hers)

UX Designer

Hello there! 👋🏾 My name is Ebony and I'm an Entry-level UX Designer passionate about inclusivity and brand identity. I was drawn to UX design after creating digital assets in the public sector. From there, I've worked on freelance design projects creating websites for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Clients describe me as empathetic, creative and personable.

Jessica Shakarian (She/her)

Web Designer/Developer
Los Angeles, CA or remote

I am web developer who is knowledgable in HTML/CSS and JavaScript. I have a 10 years of experience as a writer, and am interested in writing software documentation.

Vida Torres (She/Her/Hers)

Remote or Washington, D.C.

Hi there! I am an educator turned UX/UI Product Designer and I am excited for my next career opportunity in design! I am very passionate about education and diversity in design. I have a background in art, museums, and education advising and teaching, and I'm looking to leverage my experiences working within cultural and educational spaces to develop and create digital products that reflect and express diverse perspectives.

Ayman Baig (She/Her/Hers)

User Researcher
NYC, DC, VA, Remote

I am currently a UX research program manager and I’m looking for entry-level user research positions. I have a background in academic psychology research as well as clinical cancer research so I will be able to jump into research projects very easily.

Jessie Ma (She/Her/Hers)

Product Designer

I recently graduated with a Bachelors of Design and am now seeking my next design opportunity. I am currently interning at XBoost, experimenting with VR physical therapy solutions and was previously a Product Design Intern at Uber. As a lupus warrior, I am passionate about disability advocacy, healthcare, and education. Let's connect!