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Stella Lee

UX/UI Designer
Los Angeles/Orange County, CA

I'm a UX/UI designer with some basic front-end knowledge (namely HTML & CSS). I'm currently volunteering with two nonprofits, HackforLA and B-STEM Project, but am looking for an internship/entry-level position!

Andy Lin


I am a visual designer and illustrator with a product design background. My design process prioritizes in a user-focused approach to creating illustrations, using visuals to facilitate effective communication between clients and viewers.

Kiyana Cherry

UX Designer
Dallas, TX, Remote

UX designer with a graphic design background, who's always ready to jump into a project. Has experience with wireframing, prototyping, conducting interviews, user research, usability testing, and designing accessible user experiences.

Montique Stevens

UI Designer
NYC, Remote

I am a web developer and user interface designer that's passionate about creating projects that are accessible to everyone and showcases my skills. My areas of focus are information design, frontend development, usability testing, and user research. I am highly proficient in HTML, CSS, SASS, and experience with JavaScript and Python.

Jessica 'Jai' Thurman

UX Researcher
Remote, Atlanta, GA, New York, NY

I am a UX Researcher that is passionate about creating human-centered empathetic digital products. I have two degrees in Psychology and Communications and I am a International Psychology MSc graduate student. I enjoy the process of research because it allows me to better understand the user, company, and how to implement the product design.

Maurice Cherry

Creative Strategist

Hi! My name is Maurice Cherry, and I'm a creative strategist with skills in design, media, and marketing.

Nechari Riley

UX Researcher
New York, Remote

Results driven mixed-methods researcher looking to use proven quantitative and qualitative analysis skills to provide user experience research insights that inform human-centered products.

Kenny Nieh

Product Designer
San Francisco Bay Area or Remote

End-to-end design generalist, inclusive systems thinker, people person. From qualitative research to interaction & visual design—I work through the whole gamut of product design to create experiences that fit into people’s lives.

Kathleen McMahon

Software Engineer/UX Engineer/UX Designer
Remote, could be open to relocating

I’m an experienced software engineer, product designer, and internationally-known conference speaker with a passion for making inclusive and accessible experiences. My specialty is delivering products at scale for Fortune 500 companies and digital design agencies. I present talks and lead workshops for designers and engineers on the topics of accessibility, React component libraries, design systems, and inclusive documentation.

Joshua Quach

UX Researcher
Remote, Southern California

Hi there! I'm a UX researcher and designer with an eclectic background in global public health, client services, and end-user training. I graduated from NYU in 2018 and have since had the opportunity to work in government, nonprofit, and remote startup roles.

Jessy Escobedo

Product Designer
willing to relocate + remote

UX/Product designer with experience designing for web, mobile, SaaS, and AR/VR experiences. I'm passionate about leveraging technology to re-imagine systems, co-designing with diverse communities, and anticipating long-term implications. I've worked with organizations committed to imaginging better systems like IDEO CoLab, Acumen, Autodesk, Sidewalk Labs (an Alphabet company), Mayor Eric Garcetti's innovation team, and YC '15 startup Akido Labs.

Amanda Palomino

UX Designer
NYC or Remote

I am a UX designed based in NYC. I have a background in graphic design and a passion for solving problems backed up research and user testing. I transitioned from graphic design to UX design because I find designing experiences for users is so much more impactful than just visuals. I am looking for a full time UX design role.

Bianca Salomon

Product Designer
Remote, FL, CA, NY, CO

Hi! I'm Bianca, a Product Designer, with a background in Front-end Development and Fashion Design. In the past 2 years, I've worked as a Web Developer at marketing agencies, as well as volunteered my Web Design skills to my community. Currently, I’ve been devoting my time to volunteer work for my church, as well as helping save small businesses in America amidst COVID-19.

Irena Martinez

UX Designer
Austin, TX

Hi! My name is Irena. I am currently a UX Designer at Samsung. With a professional background in User Experience, Computer Science, and Non-Profits, I bring a unique perspective to any situation. I am interested in working with a diverse, human-centric, innovative team with a focus on data and broader impact. As a fast learner and hard worker, I am up for any challenge.

Willy Abeel

UX Designer
New York or Remote

Game Design, UX Design, or anything to do with User Behavior. I specialize in both pointing out where a user will get the most frustrated and providing solutions to alleviate those issues.

Mira Pari

UX Content Strategist

I'm a UX Content Strategist who works in both the creative and devops world. I develop content strategies to encourage user engagement with digital products, and I collaborate with developers and designers on digital product functions, features, and consistency of messaging.

Ariel Acosta

UX Designer
NYC, NJ, Remote

I’m a NYC based UX Designer with a background in Tech Support. I’ve been bridging the gap between people and technology for years. Working in IT has helped me hone my critical thinking, improve my empathy and increase my resourcefulness. I am looking for a role where I can exercise my Design Thinking and prior experience to help businesses provide better service for their customers.



When something isn't working, fix it. The same thought process was applied when I was ready for a career transition after almost 10 years in the Project Management industry for big financial institutions on Wall St. UX always captured my interest and there was no better time than the present to make the transition. I have a passion for intuitive design & usability. ​ If I'm not analyzing the design of random items I love playing with my two darling furbabies Pumpkin & Prince. When I'm not covered in dog hair you can find me eating my way through the world's greatest cities.

Abel Quintero

Product Designer
Portland, OR or Remote

I'm a creative technologist with experience in product design, fullstack development, and product strategy. My strengths are in UX/UI design and frontend development.